Phil Wilson

From the moment the music starts, Phil’s high energy and Southern Hospitality will make you feel like you’re part of the show. He has decades of experience playing drums, guitar, and bass (albeit all “air” models). 

Although his expressive harmonica riffage and interesting percussion rhythms add to the band’s unique sound, his true forte is lead vocals. His growlin’, soulful voice is to Southern Rock what a cold beer is to a redneck on a hot summer day. 

As he’s fond of sayin’, “COME GETCHA SOME!”

Craig Vafias

Craig is a gifted guitarist and a driving force behind Southern Express. He has been part of the MN music scene for over 30 years, playin' in numerous bands of varying genres; but when he's playin' Southern Rock, the honky-tonk licks of Skynyrd, or tearin' up the slide guitar on an Allman Brothers tune his enthusiasm and infectious grin will get you out of your seat!

Jason Biechler

Jason is an astonishingly accomplished lead guitarist and vocalist. The sounds of The Beatles, The Stones, The Eagles, The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and many others were ever present from a very young age. He got his first guitar and amp at age 15, and from there his inate musical talent found an avenue of expression. His biggest influences are Dickey Betts, Hughie Thomasson, Chris Anderson, Warren Haynes, Eric Clapton & Joe Walsh. Jason is certainly an old soul, and his playing style reflects that.

Kirk Rasmussen

Our newest guitarist is no stranger to the six string game, and his playing proves it.  His career kicked off in '78 with the likes of Ghost Rider and the David Cullen Bryan Band, and from '83 to '86, Kirk toured North America with County Mounty and Two Lane Highway.

After a few years of domestic bliss, he decided to marry his true love again; music, and honed his skills with Chain Drive, the Billy Schocinski Band, American Heart, Fade to Grey, County Crossing, and most recently, the Shotgun Drama Junkies.

When he's not rockin' out with our band, he likes to shoot, hunt, ski, snowmobile, work on guitars and amps, and hang with the family.  Walks on the beach; not so much.  Sand doesn't like his guitars and vice versa.

He's a great addition to our sound, both instrumentally and vocally. 

Kevin Kelm

Kevin started his musical journey in high school, playing bass in several basement bands like Duh Beaters and East River Rock, covering current hits of the day.  In addition to bass guitar, he also plays harmonica, keys, and mandolin.  Other bands he's graced with his presence include Titus Canby, Country Crossing, and the Shotgun Drama Junkies.

Influences include Jaco and Stu, and his love of early metal is reflected by his passion for Grand Funk, Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, and Jimi Hendrix.  But nothing fuels his fire like Southern Rock.

K2 (his band nickname since we have to Kevins) is a very solid and energetic part or our rhythm section, and his fingers and body never slow down. He's just plain fun to watch!

Kevin Krona